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Guide to Beating Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs)

Guide to Beating Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs)


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I created this Employee Survival Guide® to help employees at every level quickly navigate the Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) and either remain employed or obtain a sizeable severance package from their employers and exit employment.

If you have received a PIP, this can be a difficult and emotional time period. You are not alone and many employees share a similar experience created by employers who just want to paper the trail to justify termination.

The following information and strategies are a culmination of my legal experience advising clients about PIPs, negotiating exits strategies for our clients, and litigating the legal implications of PIPs within employment discrimination cases.

I strongly believe in fully transparent workplaces, but employers do not. This guide will provide you with critical insights and strategies from both the employee and employer perspective in order to deal with every PIP situation you may encounter. You will also be exposed to employment law concepts that are a part of your everyday work life, but you did not know about – because your employer never discussed them with you. Employers refuse to educate employees about the following information because the lack of employee information favors employers, i.e. to keep you in the dark. You can now use this guide to break the information hold employers have on all employees regarding PIPs.

Although the information may sound like legal advice, it is not. It is educational in nature. If you need the assistance of an employment attorney, please contact Carey & Associates, P.C. and we would be delighted to help out in any way within reason. Hopefully, this guide helps you predict your moves, predict your employer’s moves and helps you land in a better position than when you started the PIP process.

Table of Contents


  1. What the Heck Are PIPs?
  2. Strategy for Non-Adversarial PIP Process
  3. Strategy for Adversary PIP Process
  4. Dealing With Fear and Anxiety During the PIP Process
  5. Understanding Employee Monitoring During PIP Process
  6. Forcing Employer Transparency During PIP Process
  7. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
  8. Real Life Case Examples To Learn From
  9. Additional Resources for Before and After the PIP Process
  10. Sample PIPs


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